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The Top 40 Global Japanese Brands in 2017


Think you need to board a plane to put your Japanese skills to work? Think again!

We’ve all heard of brands such as Toyota, Sony, Nintendo, Kikkoman, and Uniqlo—but did you know that most of these big names have operations in the U.S.?

Japan is second-largest investor in the United States after the United Kingdom, as well as the second-largest creator of jobs in the U.S. through direct investment. In fact, in 2012, Japanese-U.S. affiliates created over 719,000 jobs in the States.1

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While most of these jobs do not require Japanese proficiency, that by no means suggests that language skills are unwelcome. Japanese companies play a huge role in the U.S. economy, and knowing Japanese can be a significant advantage for candidates—sometimes even a prerequisite for working with a Japanese company.

Interbrand Japan has recently released its 2017 ranking of Japan’s Best Global Brands, a listing that includes iconic brands like Suzuki, Honda, Fujifilm, and Shiseido. For a closer look, see this graphic.

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