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Introducing “Foreign Flick Friday”: Watch a Trailer with Us!   


Who doesn’t love filmed entertainment?

With an endless supply of quality foreign language entertainment available for streaming, have you considered movies and TV shows as a fun way to enhance your learning of another language? Not only do they allow you to listen to native language speakers, but they provide valuable insights into another culture and way of life. And, now more than ever, they’re at your fingertips—ready to watch!

Here Are Some Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Foreign Flicks:

Listen & Learn

Watching a foreign flick is a great opportunity to hear native speakers of another language interact in candid and authentic ways, almost as if you were overhearing them in conversation on the street. Listen for words you already know. And keep an ear open for slang expressions, idioms, and shortened versions of words to keep your language skills fresh!

Pause & Repeat

Whether you’re watching with language-learning friends or by yourself, try watching a second or third time and repeating what you’ve heard. Can you sound as natural as the actors? Can you remember the phrases afterwards?

Use Subtitles… Or Don’t

Most all foreign films offer subtitles, so you can enjoy the film no matter your level of language proficiency. You may wish to begin the film with subtitles and decide to switch them off when you have a good sense of the characters and plot.

Food for Thought (& Conversation)

Both classic and just-released foreign films open windows to other worlds and cultures. Not only will they increase your cultural understanding, but they’ll likely boost your knowledge of pop culture and current affairs. Next time you’re talking to a native speaker, this will be one more topic to have on the table!

Take Advantage of Accessibility

With DVDs and low-cost online streaming services, it’s easier today than ever before to watch foreign films when and where you choose. Don’t want to stay at home? Check out independent movie theaters in your area for show times close to you.

Listen with a New Perspective

Check DVD and streaming menus for additional soundtracks and subtitles, and try watching an old favorite dubbed into your target language. You know the plot, but you’ll be surprised at how well you can follow the dialogue in a different tongue!1

It’s almost the weekend—so get comfy, dim the lights, and watch a trailer with us. If you’re as crazy about foreign films as we are, you may decide to watch the full movie or show.

This week’s trailer is for Ingobernablea Netflix political drama series in the Spanish language.

Popcorn anyone?

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