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Blogger Abroad: Tyler Celebrates Santa Domenica Among the Italians


Tyler, one of our “Your Story on the Rails” contest winners and student bloggers, is currently studying abroad in Lecce, Italy. A festival recently took him to the nearby city of Scorrano, where he celebrated amid the Italians, using his language skills and tasting the local fare—reminding us that one of the best parts about knowing another language is being able to more closely experience the culture of that language while traveling! In his words:

On Friday, July 7, I traveled to a city near Lecce, Italy, called Scorrano.

This was a particularly special day because the city of Scorrano was celebrating Santa Domenica. To celebrate this saint, Scorrano transforms into a city adorned with ornate displays of lights. The festival has become extremely large over the years and has now become a huge attraction of tourists and also an event that is huge for Apulians.

While at the festival, I also had the opportunity to try some local cuisine such as “fettine di cavallo,” or in others words: horse meat. Eating horse is something common in southern Italy so I figured “When in Rome!”

I continue to be entranced with southern Italy especially because there is nearly no one here that speaks English which gives me great opportunities to continue speaking Italian.

Have you used a second language to participate “like a local” in a cultural tradition at home or abroad?

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Scorrano photo collage