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Foreign Flick Friday: Swedish Language Family Film Shares the Beauty of Scandinavia


Have you ever had a summer that changed your life?

In Belgian filmmaker Meikeminne Clinckspoor’s first feature film, 12 year-old Niilas is sent—much to his chagrin—to spend the summer with his mother, stepfather, and step-siblings in Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland. Having spent most of his childhood with his father in Sweden, the ‘city boy’ doesn’t really know his mother or step-family, and rural life amongst the indigenous Sami people, herding reindeer, proves to be quite an adjustment.

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At first, Niilas wants nothing to do with his new-found extended family or their lifestyle, but his step-sister Sunnà finally makes a connection, “[taking] him on a journey in the magical world of the woods where shy Niilas turns into a wild CLOUDBOY.”1

When a reindeer is lost—due to Niilas’ misbehavior—he joins the search to find the animal and set things right. In addition to a moose with which he crosses paths at multiple instances, Niilas discovers the power of love and family, and an adventurous spirit he didn’t know he had inside of him.

A treasure box for language lovers, the movie features spoken Swedish, Dutch, and Sami, and offers stunning views of Belgian and Norwegian landscapes where it was filmed on location.  It was screened at this year’s TIFF Kids International Film Festival.

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