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Foreign Flick Friday: Korean Language Romantic Comedy Questions Beauty, Love


Woo-jin has a problem. Every day he wakes up with a different physical appearance, although he remains the same person on the inside. As The New York Times describes:

“In the most significant scenes, the man, Woo-jin, is portrayed by no fewer than 21 men—and women and a child. If you count every representation of Woo-jin, however brief, the total is 123 distinct actors. And therein lies the central conceit of ‘The Beauty Inside’: a life that begins each day in a different body.”1

The situation is further complicated because Woo-jin is in love with E-soo—a young woman who knows about his predicament and loves him back, although she can’t recognize him from day to day.

Director Jong-yeol Baek’s (also known as Biak) first feature film is based on a 2012 “social film” that originally incorporated interactive content from online audiences. The Beauty Inside questions the nature of beauty and what it is that draws us to connect with other people: Is love driven by external appearance or something much deeper?

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The recipient of Grand Bell, Blue Dragon Film, and Korea Film Actors’ Association awards, an American remake has also been announced for release in 2018.2 This 2015 film is currently available to watch on Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, and other streaming services.

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