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Blogger Abroad: An Architectural Detour in Southern Italy


“Your Story on the Rails” summer blogger  Tyler’s adventures in Italy continue—this week from a small town in the Southern province of Bari.

Study abroad students know that some of the best adventures aren’t found in the guidebooks: Being able to communicate with local residents in their own language can unlock excellent travel tips and unforgettable memories! In his own words:

Once again, speaking Italian has come in handy. When asking locals what I should visit during my time in Italy, they of course mention the classic destinations like Rome, Venice, Florence, etc. But they also mentioned a small town nearby, known for its interesting architecture, that caught my attention.

Thanks to many recommendations from the locals, I decided to go to a little town called Alberobello which literally translates to “beautiful tree.” The trees, however, were not the highlight of the town… The houses were.

All of the houses were made into a cone shape consisting of white/beige stone which made the whole town look amazing. The points of each cone had different stone designs which represented different families.

The whole day ended up being such a surprising adventure, not only because of the beautiful town I was seeing but also because of the weather. This was the first day that I had been in Italy when it rained—I mean seriously. Every other day there was never a cloud in sight. This country keeps proving to be interesting and beautiful.

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Italian Architecture in Bari