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Korean Instructor


Based in South Korea, this is a position teaching Korean global and target language proficiency and language skills related to the needs of cryptologic military linguists. Salary: $90K-$105K

Start Date: ASAP

Location: Camp Humphreys, South Korea

***All candidates must be screened for active TS/SCI PRIOR to submitting them to this competition***


1) Fluency in spoken Korean.

2) Experience in cryptologic language teaching of the Korean language to adults to include foreign language curriculum development, development of instructional materials, and courseware teaching

3)  Demonstrates an understanding of the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) levels of foreign language proficiency

4) Experience developing training materials through use of authentic materials to support objectives through basic level (ILR Level 0) to professional level (ILR 4) with a focus on grammar, listening, reading comprehension, speaking and writing

5) Must have a high level of understanding of Sino-Korean vocabulary to be able to teach its lexicon/usage, an essential element to teaching beyond intermediate level (ILR Level 2)

6) Language program development and implementation

7) Excellent written & oral communications

8) Current TS/SCI Clearance

Desired skills

1) Experience developing or managing intelligence products and informational reporting associated with all-source research, analysis and evaluation across the intelligence disciplines with primary focus on topics related to the Korean peninsula

2) Experience working on a staff

3)  Experience with an Army Command Language Program

4) Ability to work independently

5) Expertise teaching and developing in Distributed Learning and E-learning using Blackboard, Web-based language learning and testing programs

6) Certified Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) Tester for Korean

7) Experience developing an Individual Language Training Plan (ILTP)

8) CI Polygraph

9) MS Office skills proficiency

In addition, the following elements must be applied to your candidate selections:


Teaches Korean global and target language proficiency and language skills related to the needs of cryptologic military linguists. Regularly assigns and verifies homework, administers tests and quizzes and reports grades. Provides meaningful feedback to students on homework and tests. Ensures maximum use of the target language for both instruction and classroom, and manages the use of effective language strategies. Uses performance and proficiency-oriented Final Learning Objective activities and provides opportunities for students to engage in genuine communication to bridge information gaps. While teaching various types of classes, uses teaching and feedback techniques that allow for tailoring instruction to specific learner needs. Utilizes a variety of activities to maximize meaningful student language usage.

Develops new course curricula as needed, including syllabus, materials and activities. Identifies the need for revision of existing course curricula and prepares scope and sequence to meet that need. Field-tests and validates new or revised curricula and course materials.

Actively works to improve course materials, including tests and assessment tools, and maintains a record of materials developed. Creates new course materials to meet operational requirements. Supplements course materials with authentic texts and appropriate tasks consistent with program objectives and students’ needs.


Requires weekly contact with subordinate unit representatives HQ, INSCOM personnel to coordinate joint language training requirements, policies, and programs.  Must coordinate on a daily basis with other staff elements within the MSC to resolve personnel and learning issues regarding linguists.

  1. Candidates must be United States citizens and able to obtain and maintain a TS/SCI security clearance (with CI Polygraph).
  2. May be required to work overtime or irregular shifts.
  3. TDY required less than 25% of duty time.

To apply, contact: Inquiries@GlobalProfessionalSearch.com


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