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All Aboard! “Your Story on the Rails” Bloggers Awarded Eurail Passes


Many thanks to all who submitted an application to “Your Story on the Rails,” our competition organized in partnership with Generation Study Abroad and Eurail, for the chance to win a 1st Class Global Eurail Pass for 15 days of travel and to become a Lead with Languages student blogger. We loved hearing all of your study abroad plans for Summer 2017!

It’s with great pleasure that we introduce the five Pass recipients who’ll be studying abroad in the weeks ahead, traveling by train around Europe, and sharing their adventures with us right here at LeadWithLanguages.org!

Meet this summer’s Lead with Languages bloggers:

Eurail Bloggers

Andrew, Washington & Jefferson College – German 

For his self-designed Magellan Project, rising sophomore Andrew will be researching “Chocolate Empires in Europe” while abroad. He will be comparing the chocolate making processes, business strategies, and (of course!) the taste of confections from Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany.

“Having taken German for five years, I’m extremely excited to converse with native speakers. I’ll be able to effectively communicate with local chocolatiers, and I’ll be able to immerse myself in the daily culture in each city.” 

Charlie, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – German

 A seasoned traveler who began learning German at age 10, Charlie visited more than 10 countries last year! This summer, he will be living in Vienna, Austria, with the Austria-Illinois Exchange Program.

“I plan, in true Erasmus spirit, to explore Europe via train, and I would love to share my experiences and pro-tips as a Lead with Languages blogger.”

Colby, The University of Hawaii at Manoa – French

A fitness enthusiast from Hawaii, Colby will be studying in Annecy, France, this summer and hopes to complete Zumba certification courses in his second language while abroad. He looks forward to the boost that an immersion experience will give his language skills.

“Here in Hawaii, French is not a commonly spoken language, so there aren’t very many opportunities for me to speak it or practice it. Studying abroad in France will greatly improve my French speaking abilities.”

Gwen, Southern Oregon University – Spanish

Having also studied Spanish in high school, Gwen will be taking classes in Spanish this summer through IE3’s Global Summer Language and Culture program in Zamora, Spain.

“I’m fascinated by intercultural communication, and I’m so excited to get a glimpse of the world through the eyes of those I meet. I think that learning from people of different backgrounds builds empathy and a greater global awareness. That’s why I’m learning Spanish and pursuing a career in Communicating Science.”

Tyler, The Ohio State University – Italian

Italian minor, Tyler, has seen some of the major Italian and European cities while visiting family, so he looks forward to checking out the islands of Sicily and Sardinia during his 4-week study abroad with the Scuola per gli Stranieri in Lecce, Italy.

“I truly believe that everyone should learn a foreign language and also use it frequently while exploring and immersing oneself in other cultures.”

Congratulations to all of our new Lead with Languages bloggers. We can’t wait to hear from you as you travel Europe by train!

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To see photos, videos, and blog posts from each blogger in the weeks ahead, be sure to follow @LeadWLanguages social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). Already thinking ahead to Summer 2018? See our Study Abroad page for ideas and resources as you plan your own adventure.