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Blogger Abroad: Exploring Culture Through Spanish Music


Exploring different genres of music in the language you are learning is a great way to strengthen your language skills and deepen your understanding of another culture. In this video, Your Story on the Rails” blogger  and study abroad student Gwen shares footage from live musical performances she saw in and around Zamora, Spain. From traditional to contemporary, they’re sure to get your toes tapping.

“Language and history, from what I’ve seen, are woven into music, wherever it’s from, and I think it can allow a pretty cool glimpse of the culture of a place.”

Interested in using music as a tool to learn your language of choice? Try searching for YouTube videos (especially great as they sometimes offer lyrics), online music streaming sites, or radio stations in that language (either online or by mobile app) as a starting place, and don’t forget to ask friends for recommended artists… You could be singing (or simply appreciating) like a local in no time!

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