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The Power of Film in Language Education

The Power of Film in Language Education

March 11, 2019

International films & shows are a great way to bring language and cultural immersion right into your home or classroom! Discover recent Oscar-winner “Roma” and learn how streaming services are changing how we experience stories from around the world.

Foreign Flick Friday: Fulbright Fellow’s Documentary Follows Indigenous Youth in Botswana

August 25, 2017

The culmination of director Daniel Koehler’s Fulbright-National Geographic Fellowship, “A House Without Snakes” tells two intertwined stories of young people finding their own way amid societal change.

Foreign Flick Friday: Spanish Language Documentary Follows a Dominican Youth Dreaming of Tomorrow

August 18, 2017

The directorial debut of Yanillys Perez, Jeffrey follows a young boy yearning to be a reggaetón artist, but who first must overcome familial and economic troubles while maintaining hope.

Foreign Flick Friday: German Language Drama Examines Political Strife During WWII

August 11, 2017

Only 13 minutes passed between a bomb explosion and Hitler’s speech in Munich, Germany on November 8, 1939. This movie tells the true story of the seemingly apolitical man behind the bomb who was driven to an act of political defiance.

Foreign Flick Friday: Thai Language Short Documentary Celebrates Determination and Teamwork

August 4, 2017

Thailand-based TMB Bank’s successful advertising campaign stirs emotions and inspires in this true short documentary about overcoming all obstacles with determination: Learn how one Thai soccer team was born!

Foreign Flick Friday: Korean Language Romantic Comedy Questions Beauty, Love

July 28, 2017

In Biak’s 2015 Korean adaptation of The Beauty Inside, 123 actors and actresses are used to represent the male lead—a designer and woodworker who wakes up each morning in a different body.

Foreign Flick Friday: Unlikely Duo Charms in French Documentary, Takes Cannes’ Prize

July 21, 2017

Iconic filmmaker Agnès Varda and street photographer JR co-direct a film about creating open-air portrait galleries of local faces on the sides of buildings in French villages—reminding us that individuals matter… and that nothing lasts forever.

Foreign Flick Friday: Swedish Language Family Film Shares the Beauty of Scandinavia

July 14, 2017

Cloudboy follows a reluctant 12 year-old boy from Sweden to Lapland where he spends the summer herding reindeer with his mother and step-family. Listen for the Swedish, Dutch, and Sami languages as this adventure unfolds!

Foreign Flick Friday: Dystopian Thriller Series Wows in Portuguese

July 7, 2017

3%, the first Netflix original series from Brazil, and featuring an entirely Brazilian cast, imagines a futuristic São Paulo where young people must compete for a slim chance at a better life.

Foreign Flick Friday: Dutch Drama Brings Perspective, Warmth

June 30, 2017

Recipient of a Golden Film Award, among others, Denis Bots’ Cool Kids Don’t Cry follows Akkie—a vibrant 8th grade soccer enthusiast—and her band of classmates as together they cope with her cancer diagnosis and learn the power of love & friendship.