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Study Abroad Programs

Life-changing. Eye-opening. Awe-inspiring. High school and college students everywhere are talking about their study abroad experiences, and every year more of them are heading overseas to pursue both academic and personal interests. Discover some programs and resources that can help you join them!

Why Study Abroad?

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all programs. With so many university and private-organization led options to choose from, students are able to select tracks that suit both their schedules (semester, yearlong, or off-session) and individual passions (language-intensive, pre-med, engineering… the possibilities are endless!). In addition, many programs offer a healthy balance of academics to extracurricular experiences – internships, service-learning components, and group projects.

Concerned about the cost? For students studying at their university’s counterpart overseas, the cost of tuition abroad is often the same as at home, sometimes with an additional one-time administrative fee. Multiple grants and scholarships are available, and university counselors are invaluable resources for locating financial aid.

A pivotal opportunity for any college student, study abroad strengthens personal attributes, language skills, and career prospects like nothing else can – making for a genuinely unforgettable experience. Read More

Additional Information and Myth-Busting

Study and Intern Abroad Programs

Interested in studying abroad? The first step is to meet with an advisor at your university. In addition, you can check out…

Organizations Specializing in Study Abroad Programming

AC Study Abroad (+ high school graduates)

American Councils offers students and scholars language immersive study abroad, internships, and research programs throughout Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, and Asia.

AFS-USA (high school; 18+ with AFSNext)

AFS-USA offers opportunities for high school students to study abroad in 40+ countries for a year, semester, summer, or few weeks. Most programs promote language learning and intercultural exchange through full immersion homestays and attending local high school, with specific topics ranging from history to sustainability.

Anyone 18 and older can study, teach, intern, or volunteer abroad with AFSNext.org.

AIFS Abroad (+ high school graduates)

AIFS offers study abroad programs (including multi-city summer sessions) as well as opportunities to intern or volunteer abroad. Gap year programs are also available for graduating high school seniors.

AmeriSpan (+ children, high school)

AmeriSpan offers language schools and immersion programs, as well as “Language and Fun” courses to explore the cultural facets of each host country. Summer camps and teen programs are available for students ages 5-18.

API (+ high school, high school graduates)

API offers study abroad programs, as well as internship and volunteer opportunities, in 24 countries, including language-focused programs. Customizable summer and gap year programs are also available for high school students and graduates.

CAPA, The Global Education Network

CAPA offers unique student-centered programs in Buenos Aires, Dublin, Florence, London, Shanghai, and Sydney with the goal of providing a “holistic learning abroad experience.” Internships and seminars are also available.


With 21 destinations in 12 countries, CEA offers students a balance of internship opportunities and college courses to be taken at a CEA Study Center or a partner university.

CET Academic Programs

With assistance from its parent organization, Academic Travel Abroad, CET offers study and internship abroad programs that focus on language-teaching and immersion, including the pairing of students with local roommates. Intensive language programs are also available.

CIEE Study Abroad

CIEE Study Abroad offers 260 study abroad programs in 65 cities and 45 countries, as well as the option to complete a specially-designed course on Intercultural Communication and Leadership while abroad.


CISabroad offers academic and internship programs in 19 countries—including options for summer and January study, courses in the student’s major, large university settings, and language-centered studies.

EF (+ high school)

EF offers study abroad opportunities for high school students, college students, and working professionals focusing on language study or pursuing a broader academic curriculum. In addition to traditional study abroad courses, high-school students have the option to earn an international high-school diploma; higher-ed students may choose to receive their undergraduate degree or Masters/MBA through Hult International Business School.

International Business Seminars (IBS)

IBS offers short-term study abroad programs across Europe and Asia that are designed to give students real-life business experience while earning university credits. They offer their own scholarships, as well as additional funding resources and information for students wishing to apply.

IES Abroad

IES Abroad offers over 130 study programs in 21 countries—including summer and January term options, as well as internship and volunteer opportunities. For those seeking more traditional international higher ed experiences with added IES support, direct enrollment to foreign universities is also available.

International Studies Abroad (ISA) (+ high school, high school graduates)

ISA study abroad programs include opportunities for internships, service-learning projects, and other experiential and group programs. Additionally, ISA offers programs designed specifically for high school students and high school graduates completing gap-year studies for college credit.


ISEP offers study, summer program, internship, and volunteer opportunities abroad for students enrolled at participating member universities, as well as for other higher-ed students via “ISEP for All.”

School Year Abroad (SYA) (high school only)

The only year-long hybrid immersion study abroad for U.S. high school juniors and seniors, SYA offers programs in France, Spain, China, and Italy.

The University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)

USAC offers both specialty and partnership program models in a variety of non-traditional destinations. Well-rounded academic course selections also include the option for “intensive” language study that builds up to two years of instruction into a single semester.

Xperitas (+ children, high school, families)

Xperitas is dedicated to promoting global citizenship through authentic immersion experiences. Options include language programs abroad featuring a family stay experience (available in French, German, Spanish & English), Community Partnership Programs with indigenous communities, and hosting students.

Search Tools, Reviews of Multiple Programs, and Resources to Plan Your Trip


GoAbroad.com offers a directory of over 30,000 study abroad programs, as well as reviews, an “online advisor” feature, and other helpful resources.

Go Overseas

Go Overseas allows students to make side-by-side comparisons of a variety of abroad programs and read traveler reviews and articles to help plan their trips.

IIE Passport (search tool)

IIE Passport, a resource of the Institute of International Education, is a search tool that allows students to find study abroad programs based on refinable criteria to meet their individualized goals. The site also highlights a selection of featured programs.

Services Focused on the Intern Abroad Experience

Are you interested in putting your language skills to work in an overseas internship? Many of the study abroad programs listed above integrate internships into their educational programs—be sure to discuss this option with your advisor.

Absolute Internship

Absolute Internship provides unpaid international work experiences of varying lengths in six European and Asian cities to students of any nationality.


Working with over 5,000 partner organisations in 126 countries and territories, AISEC connects students from around the world with internship and volunteer opportunities.

Asia Internship Program (AIP)

AIP offers internships abroad across a broad range of specializations in destinations such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Projects Abroad (+ high school)

Projects Abroad sends 10,000 individuals overseas each year to complete independent and group service projects and internships.

See also the Choose Your Language pages for programs and opportunities specific to your language.