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Don’t just take it from us: Hear directly from real-life professionals how learning a language has helped them find and thrive in a range of exciting careers.

America the Bilingual

A Podcast Hosted by Steve Leveen

Let me welcome you to America the Bilingual, a podcast for monolingual Americans, like me, who are learning their second language—or want to begin.

Today, it’s normal for Americans, even highly educated ones, to grow up speaking only English. I’m an example, despite taking Spanish and German in school. It doesn’t have to be this way. And with all the advantages of speaking another language, it shouldn’t be this way. This podcast is for us—those of us who yearn to recover from a monolingual life. Read More

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“Inside the Boardroom with Leading Bilinguals” Language Profiles

Kat Cohen

IvyWise founder and CEO Kat Cohen discusses the importance of early experiences with cultures and languages in her own life and now for her daughters.

Bill Johnson

Now the head of Kone’s China Division, Bill Johnson didn’t have an easy start with the language that has greatly shaped his career—but persistence made all the difference.

Paul Stewart

Paul Stewart credits his German and French language skills for critical turning points in his career in international business.

Articles & Testimonials

Languages & Careers : University of Wisconsin Alumni Profiles

These University of Wisconsin alumni are using language skills in careers from education to accounting and microbiology, and everything in between. Check out their profiles!

How Languages Opened Doors for Three DLI Alums

From military to corporate and tech careers, these alumni of the Defense Language Institute credit their training in Russian or Dari for opening doors to professional success and personal fulfillment: Bill Harter (former Proctor & Gamble), Bob Brownson (former Army), and Nathan Iglesias (Army intelligence officer turned Google recruiter) discuss. 

Using Her Native Farsi to Help U.S. Soldiers Build Community Overseas (+ video)

Now founder and CEO of Academy of United States Veterans, Assal Ravandi immigrated to the United States from Iran at a young age. After enlisting in the U.S. military at 29, she used her native Persian language skills to teach U.S. soldiers at home and and while abroad. Read and watch her moving testimonial here. 

Fortune 100 General Counsel Takes Charge with Law and Languages

An Interview with Laura Stein, General Counsel and Executive Vice President of The Clorox Company, a woman who leads not only with a great legal mind, but six languages too!

Business, Beer, and French

Knowing languages and cultures gives French and business double major Sarah Rizzo an opportunity to put her cross-cultural skills to good use at Anheuser Busch InBev. (Don’t miss Sarah’s video in the section above!)

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