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Video Guidelines for Smartphones


Share Your Story with Us!

The Ask: A video of up to 60 seconds… 

For Students
…explaining why learning languages is important to you, including:
  1. Your name (last is optional)
  2. Student status (i.e. middle, high school, college, graduate student)
  3. The language(s) you speak and/or are learning
For Professionals 
…stating how you apply your language skills in your job/career, including: 
  1. Your name (last is optional)
  2. Your role or title
  3. Your organization (optional) or type of organization
  4. The language(s) you speak

Please Consider the Following Guidelines:

  • Consider the location: a quiet and well-lit room.
  • Shoot in a quiet area. Turn off any music/radio/TV that is playing in the room.
  • Set your camera to the highest video resolution settings (if possible, please set to 1080p).
  • Please hold camera steady (or use a tripod if possible)and do not use zooms or quick panning/camera movements.
  • Please shoot in horizontal format, not in vertical format. To ensure footage is right side up, please make sure the phone’s bottom “Home” button is on right side of camera when held horizontally.
  • Make sure the camera is in focus.
  • Look at and speak directly to the camera.
  • Review your recording to check if camera is in focus, you are in the frame, and your answers are clear, natural, and loud enough.
  • If you speak in a language other than English during your video, please include subtitles or contact us to provide a transcript for those portions (we want everyone to be able to enjoy your video!).
  • Please upload your video to YouTube and send an email with the link via our “Contact Us” form (located at the bottom of each page of www.leadwithlanguages.org).
Curious about how to get your video online and ready to share?

No worries: Refer to this step-by-step guide by Google!

Need inspiration? Check out some of these videos already submitted:


By submitting my video to Lead with Languages, I acknowledge that I have obtained permission for publication from all individuals featured in the video, as well as the videographer. If I am not 18 years of age, a parent or guardian has given his or her consent for me to submit the video. I also hereby release ACTFL, their staff and their agents, legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability relating to submitted videos.