Ask Away: 5 Questions for a Future Doctor Learning Spanish in his Community

Sujay speaking with a student at a poster presentation

Future otolaryngologist or orthopedic surgeon, heritage speaker of Telugu and current Rutgers–Camden student Sujay speaks to the value of practicing new language skills during a hands-on internship. 

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Leading with German: Engineers Earn Language Experience Working with Multinational Company

VW plant screenshot

Employees in STEM positions sometimes think that their job won’t be compatible with language learning, but that is really no longer the case. Take Bosch Rexroth’s German connection, for example.

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Featured Job Listings

life insurance forms on clipboard

Customer Service Representative
Travelers Companies is looking for a Customer Service Representative with proficiency in Spanish in Richardson, Texas.

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hexagons overlaying image of man holding a tablet

Technical Support Engineer
Carbonite is looking for a Technical Support Engineer with proficiency in Spanish, French, or German in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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"welcome" in various languages and fonts

CACI International is looking for a Linguist with proficiency in Persian Farsi in Suitland, Maryland.

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"support" spelled out in Scrabble tiles

Mental Health Therapist
Mental Health Center of Denver is looking for a Licensed ASL Fluent Mental Health Therapist in Denver, Colorado.

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Laptop showing mathematical signs

Bilingual Engineer
QualiTest is looking for Bilingual Engineers with proficiency in Finnish in Mountain View, California at Google.

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Technical Support Associate is looking for a Technical Support Associate with proficiency in Portuguese in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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Registered Nurse
New Beginnings Adult Day Care is looking for a Registered Nurse with proficiency in Hindi in Hamilton Square, New Jersey.

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