Ask Away: 5 Questions for a Gilman Scholar Learning Spanish and Neuroscience

Edo with arches behind her

With the help of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program, JHU student Edo traveled to Spain: Learn about her Instagram project, advice for STEM majors, and future career plans.

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Leading with Global Engineering: Dual Degree Programs Combine STEM & Languages

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Dedicated global engineering programs that formally combine STEM, languages & cultural perspectives—such as this one at the University of Rhode Island—are preparing & inspiring a generation of bilingual engineers. These students explain the benefits!

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Featured Job Listing

airplane wing in flight with clouds

Flight Attendant
American Airlines is looking for trainee Flight Attendants with proficiency in Croatian in cities across the country.

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man working on blueprint drawings

Civil Engineer
The International Boundary and Water Commission is looking for a Civil Engineer with proficiency in Spanish in El Paso, Texas.

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three Asian children eating at a preschool table

Youth Program Associate
The Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center is looking for a Youth Program Associate with proficiency in Chinese in Boston, Massachusetts.

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informal work meeting of five people

Global Human Resources Manager
Innovations for Poverty Action is looking for a Global Human Resources Manager with proficiency in French or Spanish in Washington, D.C.

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laptop screen with adobe icons

Customer Growth Manager
Adobe is looking for a Customer Growth Manager with proficiency in Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Spanish, French, Italian, or German in Austin, Texas.

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view of central park NYC from above

Public Programs Producer
The High Line is looking for a Public Programs Producer with proficiency in Spanish or Mandarin in New York, New York.

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tablet screen showing Twitter login page

Legal Policy Operations Agent
Twitter is looking for a Legal Policy Operations Agent with proficiency in Chinese or Japanese in San Francisco, California.

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2 people working with paper notes and laptops at a desk

Human Rights Consultant
The High Line is looking for a Public Programs Producer with proficiency in Spanish or Mandarin in New York, New York.

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There are 25 million people, 8 percent of the U.S. population ages 5 and older, who are “limited English proficient.” It’s important to be able to communicate with your neighbors!