Ask Away: 5 Questions for a Student Volunteer & Future International Aid Professional

Nicole holding a small child, smiling

George Mason Community Health major Nicole uses her Spanish skills to volunteer in Peru at a home for children in need of medical assistance—learn about some of her most memorable exchanges here! 

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Announcing Our 2018 Summer Selfie Challenge: Join the Movement!

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Have you got plans for practicing your language skills this summer—or even trying out a totally new language? Seeking inspiration from your peers? Complete our challenge by printing a template, snapping a selfie, and sharing on social media!

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Featured Job Listing

woman sitting at laptop computer

Executive Assistant
Hellen Keller International is looking for an Executive Assistant with proficiency in French in New York, New York.

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stethoscope resting on patient's chart

Nursing Assistant
The Indian Health Service is looking for a Nursing Assistant with proficiency in the Navajo language in Shiprock, New Mexico.

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birds eye view of 2 people with laptop and clipboard schedule

Child Services Coordinator
Transition House Inc. is looking for a Child Services Coordinator with proficiency in Spanish in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Executive Director
The Tree of Life Educational Fund is looking for an Executive Director with proficiency in Arabic in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

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airline cabin with flight attendant

Flight Attendant
United Airlines is looking for Flight Attendants with proficiency in Cantonese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin or Portuguese in Chicago, Illinois.

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laptops and people at a shared workspace

Administrative Assistant for Development
The U.S.-Japan Council is looking for an Administrative Assistant for Development with proficiency in Japanese in Washington, D.C.

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doctors' instruments on a table top

Infection Control Specialist
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is looking for an Infection Control Specialist with proficiency in French in New York, New York.

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two women working at a cafe table

Communications and Engagement Associate
A+ Colorado is looking for a Communications and Engagement Associate with proficiency in Spanish in Denver, Colorado.

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