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Awardees of Scholarships to Concordia Language Villages Announced


Many thanks to everyone who submitted an application to Lead with Languages’ scholarship contest for a chance to win $1,000 toward attending a language summer youth immersion program at Concordia Language Villages. We loved watching your videos explaining why learning a language is important to each of you!

Congratulations to our 25 awardees, who presented a wide-ranging selection of reasons for learning additional languages—citing everything from connecting on a deeper level with individuals from around the world, to future career and travel aspirations, to family heritage…

“Learning Spanish has given me community and has helped me figure out what I want to do with my life. I want to be an FBI agent, and I figured out that they want bilingual agents.”

“When I first started it was really hard, but looking back, Japanese has opened so many doors and given me so many opportunities.”

“I want to be in the Chinese immersion summer camp because Chinese is currently the most widely spoken language in the world.”

“One day I hope to live in Norway, become fluent in Norwegian, and learn a Norwegian dialect, which would give me both an American and a Norwegian perspective on the world.”

“I’m Cuban-American. […] As glad as I am to live in my country, I’d like to learn the language that runs in my blood.”

…not to mention some very practical goals:

“Then I can go to the boulangerie, which is a bread store, and get my own bread without my mom.”

Concordia collage

Recipients hail from ten states, stretching from Concordia Language Villages’ home in Minnesota to as far as Alaska and New York, and they will be studying eight different languages this summer. French and Spanish topped the list, followed by Japanese, Finnish, Norwegian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian. Of the 25 awardees—including several first-time campers—19 will be attending a 2-week session, and six will be attending a 4-week session to earn high school credit—one of whom will be participating in a high school credit abroad session.

Watch @LeadWLanguages social media channels to catch some of the winning videos as we share them in the days ahead, or visit Concordia Language Villages’ playlist to see additional videos now!

Awardees include:

Aaron, Minnesota – French

Briana, Minnesota – Spanish

Caden, Minnesota – Chinese

Carter, Texas – Russian

Celina, Minnesota – Japanese

Claire, Minnesota – Portuguese

Devin, Wisconsin – French

Ephie, Minnesota – Norwegian

Hero, Minnesota – French

Isobel, Minnesota – French

Jack, Alaska – Japanese

Jacob, Texas – Chinese

Josiah, Minnesota – Spanish

Katherine, Minnesota – Japanese

Katie, Michigan – Finnish

Leah, North Carolina – Norwegian

Mariana, Texas – French

Maya, Minnesota – French

Meredeth, Minnesota – Spanish

Rebecca, Illinois – Spanish

Samantha, Minnesota – Japanese

Samuel, Minnesota – Spanish

Sydney, New York – French

Thomas, California – Spanish

Tobias, Colorado – French

Inspired by these awardees and still considering how you’ll lead with languages this summer? It’s not too late! Check out our summer programs page or our list of study abroad programs for ideas on how to get started.