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Foreign Flick Friday: German Language Drama Examines Political Strife During WWII


Georg Elser only missed by 13 minutes. On November 8, 1939, in Munich, Germany, Elser attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler via explosion but failed after the dictator left early, ultimately leading to his arrest and ultimate murder.

13 Minutes is a harrowing account of that event, and more importantly, the man behind the event – delving deep into the life and psyche of a man who almost changed the course of history.

Produced in German, the film presents a realistic retelling of Elser’s growing obsession with assassination. Throughout, we see him move beyond his perceived image as an apolitical carpenter, deal with issues in love, and examine the harsh political realities of the period, all while demonstrating the intricacies of the time-bomb plot that would fail.

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According to critics at The Guardian, it’s “a heartfelt study of a man who tried to kill Hitler”1, while The New York Daily News claimed:

13 Minutes is a superbly acted and strikingly evocative work, with careful attention to period detail and its many emotional beats.”2

In either case, the message is clear: Viewers are certain to leave this film marveling at the significance of each human life and the impact of the choices ordinary people make each day.

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