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Data Editor
Kelly Services (Computer Software) is looking for a Data Editor with proficiency in Japanese, Czech, Hungarian, or more in Austin, Texas.

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glasses held above a book with text in and out of focus

Localization Editor
Menlo Technologies is looking for a Localization Editor with proficiency in Hebrew in Cupertino, California.

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Spines of law books

Document Review Attorney
Special Counsel is looking for a Document Review Attorney with proficiency in German in Washington, DC.

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"support" spelled out in Scrabble tiles

Mental Health Worker
Children’s Bureau of Southern California is looking for a Mental Health Worker with proficiency in Farsi in Anaheim, California.

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piggy bank held by parents and child

Jefferies Investment Banking Latin America Group is looking for an Analyst with proficiency in Portuguese in New York, New York.

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3 doctors reviewing a scan

Interpreter (Medical Terminology)
Penn State Hershey Medical Center is looking for an Interpreter (Medical Terminology) with proficiency in American Sign Language in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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bird's eye view of a business plan on a desk with 2 people

Research Associate
Stax Inc. (Business Services) is looking for a Research Associate with proficiency in Italian in Chicago, Illinois.

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