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College & University Programs

College & University Programs

Whether you intend to make languages your college major or would like to incorporate language skills into another concentration, this is the place to start. Search for a program in your desired language or geographic region, and then browse through some specialized programs offering interdisciplinary, career-focused, or professionally oriented courses.

Modern Language Association (MLA) Database

Looking for a college program? While initially developed to report language enrollment figures, the MLA database provides a comprehensive listing of postsecondary language programs, allowing you to refine your results by language, geographic area, and/or type of institution. The data is based on MLA’s most recent survey of 2013.

To Get Started:   

  1. Select your language(s), up to eight
  2. Narrow your search, as desired, and click “search now”
  3. Expand your findings to reveal specific schools offering programs in your language by clicking on the small triangles on your results page

Search the Database

Search the Database

Specialized Programs

Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) & Foreign Language Across the Curriculum (FLAC)

In an effort to allow students to deepen their language proficiency while learning to apply it outside traditional language classes and in a real-world context, many colleges offer specially designed courses and interdisciplinary CLAC and FLAC programs that integrate language learning into other areas of study and career interest.

CLAC and FLAC Listings

For the complete list of CLAC designed programs, please visit the CLAC Consortium here.

FLAC designed programs can be found at:

Centers for International Business Education and Research (CIBERs)

CIBER programs emphasize interdisciplinary programs that incorporate language and international studies training into business, finance, management communications systems, and other professional curricula. Click here to view the full list of CIBER institutions.

Global Engineering Programs

Many schools have established Global Engineering programs in view of the global trends in the profession, and where proficiency in a language other than English and study abroad are mandatory or strongly encouraged. The American Society of Engineering Education identified proficiency in 2 or more languages as a key attribute of a globally-oriented engineer capable of effectively living, working, or performing in a global setting.

The Language Flagship

A national initiative to change the way Americans learn languages, the Language Flagship offers undergraduate courses in critical languages including Arabic, Chinese, Hindi Urdu, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, and Turkish. The 25 Flagship programs are located across 21 institutions of higher education and ten Overseas Flagship Centers. For a list of programs, visit thelanguageflagship.org.

See also the Choose Your Language pages for programs and opportunities specific to your language.